About Us

Aljunied Brothers was established in 1966 by Syed Haroon Bin Hasan Aljunied and his sons; Abdullah bin Haroon Aljunied and Junied Bin Haroon Aljunied. The business initially started with selling textiles, batik, perfumes and Agarwood.

In the 1980s,when the Middle Easterners came to South East Asia,the company ventured in selling Agarwood and Agarwood-related products to cater to this group of foreign customers. As demand increased, the company started manufacturing of Agarwood Oil in Cambodia, Thailand and Burma, for export to the Middle East

Aljunied Brothers has been well known throughout the Middle East as one of the best company in collecting and producing high quality Agarwood products.

In 2011, the grandchildren of Syed Haroon Aljunied; Mr. Hasan and Mr. Ahmad Abdullah Aljunied took over the business and set up a new showroom at No. 95 Arab Street to continue and expand the traditional business.

Today, Aljunied Brother is venturing into the manufacturing of packaging perfumes to cater to the local and foreign markets.